On Wednesday, October 14th, NFD and surrounding mutual aid partners met at the Montgomery County Fire Academy for Probationary FF Baker’s live burn.  This was the first of two burns to showcase and test all the skills and decision making abilities that are taught during the first year as a career NFD member.  Two scenarios were developed in which Prob. FF Baker would work as the Officer, and then the Operator of Quint 27.

For this particular training event, we were fortunate to have the assistance to several surrounding mutual aid partners, allowing all participating agencies to test and utilize our regional response guidelines in a realistic training simulation.

Thank you to the Montgomery County Fire Academy, Upper Merion Fire & EMS (Station 56), Goodwill Fire Company (Station 32), Montgomery Township (Station 18), Gladwyne Fire Company (Station 24), and Norriton Engine Company (Station 61) for participating and providing a realistic and valuable training environment.

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